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Our expertise

Sarl PROMEDAL is expanding rapidly by
specializing in the production of compresses and bandages with capacity to satisfy market and ambition to export.
The organization set up allows a mastery of the manufacturing processes, including the sterilization cycles as well as the regulatory ones.
On a marketing level, PROMEDAL has set up distribution networks and a proactive listening policy in order to anticipate the dynamics of our environment.
In terms of quality, PROMEDAL has implemented a policy of continuous improvement, the ultimate goal which is customer satisfaction.
PROMEDAL is committed to a process of standardization to international standards in order to meet the requirements of the market.
Our current product portfolio includes:
• Gauze swabs , Gauze and crêpe tape
• Single use medical devices
• Surgical sutures
• Surgical instruments

Our history

Creation of Promedal

Launch of compress and bandage production

Development and expansion of the production unit

Investment in a new administrative and production site

Certification ISO9001:2008 TUV

investment in syringe production lines

investment in suture thread production lines

Certification ISO 13 485

Syringe and suture production

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